The Company designs and develops hardware, software and firmware for systems under the control of one-chip computers with modules for embedding. It is in possession of great experience in the development of systems for cashless payments with POS terminals, smart cards, navigation systems for vehicles on the basis of GPS/GSM/GPRS, highly reliable and highly protected systems for communication, systems for radio communication and identification.

It is fully developed as own design and tailor-made by a customer on the basis of the families of micro-controllers of Atmel AVR, Intel 8051, Zilog Z80 and others, designing the hardware, analogue and/or digital, a printing board being developed, and samples of the article are made and set up. The needed software/firmware for the article is developed on the basis of the programming languages C or Assembler. Work is done under Linux and Microsoft operational systems, also using their relevant variants for embedding. The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET medium and the relevant media for programming of Linux are well known. Databases are designed and developed on the basis of MySQL and Microsoft SQL, as well as web programming on the basis of PHP.

The Company has rich experience in the development of applications for POS terminals, OPT included and any auxiliary software for simulation and testing compatible with the European systems for cashless payments. The applications may maintain nearly all known magnet cards and a wide set of cards with a chip, smart cards, inclusive of in conformity with the EMV standard as well.

The aspiration is to design flexible products and articles of high quality, so that the best solutions will be offered for each individual customer. What is designed in the company undergoes a lot of tests and trials, and after realization on the market prompt technical maintenance and service are implemented.

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