The Company was founded as a 100% private company at the beginning of 1994 by Krasimir Zahariev and Georgi Penkov – engineers in radioelectronics. They have worked in the Institute of Technical Cybernetics and Robotics with the Bulgarian Academy of Science as leading developers and managers of developments of computer, development and video processing equipment. The goal of the creation of the company is to apply the accumulated experience in the creation and setting up of such equipment in the conditions of the private business, seeking ways for meeting the customer’s requirements to a maximum degree.
    Even from the very beginning the goal was successfully to combine the trade, consultancy and servicing activities so that the customer could obtain attendance of quality in the overall cycle of purchase and operation of computer equipment and periphery.
    Thanks to the careful selection of experts, the company built up a highly professional team in a short time and created an image of an upright trade partner and a highly competent service for computer equipment.    The employees of the company are highly qualified experts. All people working in the servicing department are with higher technical education and most of them regularly pass courses of training in some world-famous companies as Hewlett Packard, Apple, Tektronix, Fujitsu, Acer, Lenovo, ASUS, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and others.
    Because of the very strong competition from big local IT companies and distributors in the trade area the company focus was gradually shifted to computer service. First servicing contracts are entered into for the servicing of Apple and CTX equipment in 1995.
     In 2000 an Agreement for servicing portable computers was signed with Fujitsu- Siemens, and the Company was the first and sole authorized service-station of the second level for Fujitsu-Siemens portable computers for Bulgaria. The Company is only one service for Fujitsu- Siemens handheld devices from 2003. Exclusive Contract for Bulgaria was entered in 2003 for warranty swap pool and servicing of monitors of Fujitsu- Siemens, supporting by Master Service Agreement with Europoint Communication GmbH and subcontracts with AOC and Hansol. In 2005 desktops and workstations of Fujitsu-Siemens was added into servicing portfolio. In 2007 was signed contact for exclusive Collect & Return service for Bulgaria. In 2008 also servers and storages was added into servicing portfolio. Currently after transformation of Fujitsu- Siemens to Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Viewpoint Ltd remains one of their most important in-warranty and out of warranty service stations in Bulgaria for all kind of computer technique the brand sells on the market. Service engineers regularly pass abroad trainings for Fujitsu servers and storages.
     From 2004 the Company has signed contract for in-warranty and out of warranty servicing of Prestigio portable computers and monitors.
    In the beginning of 2009 was signed contract with Acer Group for in-warranty and out of warranty service of all Acer and E-Machines product portfolios. In 2012 Packard-Bell product portfolio was added into this service contract. In the 2013 the Company was one of only two companies, Acer signed a new service contract for Bulgaria as a result of excellent key performance achieved. For all range of serviced equipment from tablets to servers our service engineers regularly pass trainings.
    In 2009 the Company signed exclusive service contract for Bulgaria for all Lenovo Idea Series products and HannsG/Hannspree monitors as a subcontractor of Profi Service Hungary. Engineers were trained for servicing the entire Lenovo Idea product range, sold on the market. In 2012 after changes in the Lenovo service structure, the contact for Lenovo Idea Series was terminated and they began to be serviced outside of Bulgaria. Until the beginning of 2014 Viewpoint performs preliminary diagnosis of in-warranty Lenovo Idea products for some special customers and out of warranty repairs. In the beginning of 2014 was signed exclusive for Bulgaria direct contract with Lenovo for all Idea Series products for in-warranty and out of warranty service. A direct agreement for HannsG/Hannspree portfolio servicing – including monitors, tablets etc. was also reached from the beginning of 2017.
    In 2012 the Company signed exclusive for Bulgaria contract for in-warranty and out of warranty service of Prestigio, Canyon, Razer, Microlab, Kingston and Levelone for all kind of computer technique which these brands sell on the market – from cell phones and tablets to network switches and routers.
In 2013 the Company signed service contract for Bulgaria with ASUS. Engineers passed special service training in the Netherlands for the entire range of products – from cellphones and netbooks to notebooks and desktop machines.
    In 2017 the Company signed exclusive for Bulgaria service contract for TP Link / Neffos portfolio.
    In 2020 the Company signed exclusive for Bulgaria service contract for Epson and Redmond portfolios.
   The Company has an exceptionally good reputation as a computer service-station. It is in possession of great experience in the implementation of servicing activities and has a well-equipped service-station, capable of performing repairs of computer equipment, both at level modules and at level of elements of modules and cards. It has a well replenished storehouse with spare parts as well as sufficiently good contacts for the supply of any kind of spare parts for computer equipment. The terms for the elimination of the breakdowns are from several hours to several working days depending on their complexity and the availability of the needed spare parts. In most of the events the equipment is repaired for a few hours, the aspiration being to satisfy the needs of the customers to a maximum degree. Well-developed structure for customer service and highly qualified staff, allow taking calls, receipt and repair more than 3000 devices (portables, desktops, workstations, servers, monitors, projectors, scanners, printers, home appliances, any audio and video equipment etc.) monthly with an opportunity for expansion. The Company covers whole territory of Bulgaria with about 30 collecting and service points in all major cities in Bulgaria for servicing in 1-5 days’ timeframe, depends from spare parts availability.
    The Company has own developed database for the management of all processes associated with his activities. All customers are able online to receive real time information about the status of their service orders based on information automatically transferred from the database.
Last years the Company consolidate his focus to build an image as independent computer service, which is not compete with local computer resellers/distributors helping to good service for their customers, promoting also the brands this way. The Company is not a distributor of equipment for any of the brands serviced, which gives an advantage to avoid specific marketing and business interests having an effect on its work.
1421 Sofia,
81A Arsenalski Blvd.

(+359 2) 988 9170 , 988 9171 ,
(+359 2) 963 128 , 963 1705 ,

Working hours:
9.00 - 18.00 on all official working days in Bulgaria